Govt ready to work with cement companies

 Govt ready to work with cement companies

The Minister of Commerce and Trade Chipoka Mulenga, says the new dawn Government’s commitment to working with cement manufacturing industries such as Lafarge Zambia, to ensure continued growth and support of the industry.  

Speaking at a meeting held with the Lafarge Zambia Executive Committee at the Lafarge Head Office in Chilanga, Mr Mulenga said his administration is dedicated to ensuring that the cost of doing business in the cement industry is easier, lower, and better.

“The price of cement is high, and our locals cannot afford it. This is not your fault, but is a result of other factors such as the country’s power deficit, and stoppage of local gypsum production, forcing you to import. However, my government has plans for you. We will address these issues, and create a predictable industrial environment that will make it easy for you to plan. There is a need for consistent legislation that will put an end to some of the issues you face,” he said.

The Minister said that their is need for Lafarge to partner with the Ministry, and have an open-door policy for both to discuss different issues, and find solutions on how they can grow the industry together.

“The new dawn Government understands the need to include key stakeholders in all decision-making processes. All decisions must be mutually agreed upon, and represent the needs of the people that we are serving. Be open, bring on board ideas, make suggestions, and let us find a way forward, together,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, Lafarge Zambia Chief Executive Officer, Jimmy Khan, thanked the Minister for accepting his invitation, adding that today’s engagement would translate into something valuable.

Mr Khan echoed the Minister’s sentiments of forging local partnerships and reiterated the importance of holding frequent meetings with the Ministry, to share notes and discuss the future.

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