Govt must establish commercial farms in provinces

 Govt must establish commercial farms in provinces

Copperbelt University Agroforestry student Ernest Sinyinza says Government must embark on an ambitious project to establish Commercial farms in each Province, of at least 10,000 hectares.

Mr Sinyinza said each Province would focus on one or two core crops/livestock that is adaptable to its agro ecological zone.

He said for instance, Luapula can focus on Cassava/Fish farming, Southern province on Cattle/Goat/Sheep rearing, Northern and Muchinga provinces on Maize/Beans, Eastern Province on Soybeans and Groundnuts.

Mr Sinyinza said Zambia National Service can be put in charge of running these farms as they already have the technical know-how and expertise in these areas.

He said nonetheless, capacity building and capitalization would be key to ensuring success of this project.

“This project would ensure increased crop and livestock production and productivity in the country and the export market, which would in turn translate into food security and foreign exchange earnings. Most importantly, it would provide the much needed youth employment who would have been trained by ZNS Skills Training programs, Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities,” he said.

Mr Sinyinza said to ensure sustainability of this project, it would be run as an independent business entity with a well thought out business model through Public Private Partnerships PPP.


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