Govt committed to lessen diabetes burden-Chimumpi

 Govt committed to lessen diabetes burden-Chimumpi


Copperbelt diabetes and hypertension foundation in conjunction with the ministry health today held a fundraising awareness walk to sensitize people on the need to have sugar levels checked.

 Speaking during the event held at Chiwampala market, one of the diabetic patients Dr Gilbert Mukuka encouraged people to eat health so that the sugar levels are maintained.

Dr Mukuka also called on the people to always ensure that they check their sugars levels frequently.

He said once detected diabetes is manageable through prescribed medication.

“It is manageable once you find out you have diabetes, whether diabetic or not it’s important to watch what one eats and drinks,” he said.

Dr Mukuka also called on Zambians to support the diabetes and hypertension foundation so that masses are made aware of the disease.

Speaking at the same event, the guest of honor Chingola district Commissioner Raphael Chimupi commended the foundation for such a sensitization initiative.

Mr Chimupi said that government is committed to providing good health care to every citizen.

He said government will continue to support organizations such as the diabetes and hypertension foundation because they supplement its efforts to better health care services.

“Almost every house in Zambia has someone suffering from diabetes and hypertension, the effects of Covid-19 on persons living with diabetes has also heightened the need for government to put in resources to help lessen the burden on people living with diabetes and hypertension,” he said.

The DC also donated K2, 000 towards the fundraising awareness walk organized by the diabetes and hypertension foundation.