Govt committed to creating a stable mining tax regime

 Govt committed to creating a stable mining tax regime

Minister of Mines and Mineral Development Richard Musukwa says Government’s plan is to ensure that they create a stable mining tax regime hence the Mining Conference aiming at bringing key stakeholders on board.

Mr Musukwa said the essence of the indaba was for Government, Mining Industries and Civil Society Organization (CSO) to create a platform for all impending issues around the Mining sector.

Speaking in an interview  he said that the purpose of the indaba was also to provide a platform for key industry players to discuss performance and issues pertaining to taxation and the way forward.

“We all know that mining industry require huge capital for it to run smoothly and as government it’s our responsibility to ensure that we bring other investors to the mining industries so that people can benefit from its operation,” he said.

He said that government needs Consistence policy and long term frame work that supports investment in the country.

The Minister said that the PF manifesto recognizes that the mining industry has been characterized by uncertainty in terms of policy framework and frequent amendments.

Mr Musukwa said that after August 12th, they will ensure that all the rules are followed and implemented accordingly.

He said that Government will also ensure key factors that lie in the economic recovery programs are being implemented.

Mr Musukwa said Government will guarantee licenses to small scare miners in order to promote them.

He assured Zambians that Government is working round the clock to ensure that they get back to slot of number one producer of copper by increasing production.

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