Govt commened for free education

 Govt commened for free education

North Western Council of Elders for Development Secretary Kenneth Kapata has hailed government for honoring the most expectant promise of offering free education in Zambia.

Speaking to Independent Observer online media staffer at his office in Solwezi Mr Kapata said it is gratifying to see Government release money to the Ministry of Education for all schools in Zambia to run a free education policy.

“Many people could not believe that the free education would be actualized in Zambia by president Hakahinde Hichilema,” He said

The council of elders said that the release of K324 million by Government support fund to public schools aimed at facilitating the implementation of free education.

“We want to caution all our school managers to put the funds into good use and be channeled to the intended purposes,” he said.

The Ministry of Finance has released 3-Hundred and 24 Million Kwacha is the 2022 first quarter operational support fund for public schools aimed at facilitating the implementation of free education for all learners at early childhood, primary, and secondary education levels.

Secretary to Treasury Felix Nkulukusa has disclosed the released of the funds in a statement to independent observer online media.

 “I am confident that the release of the 324 million Kwacha, means concrete steps towards free education – aimed at abolishing tuition, Parent Teachers Association, and examination fees that learners used to pay in public schools are now in motion,” said Mr Nkulukusa.

He reiterated the announcement by the Minister of Finance and National Planning during the presentation of the 2022 National Budget, that the fees charged at public, early childhood and secondary schools for a child to be allowed to attend
class have been one away with.

“The grants from the Government to public schools have been increased to meet the operational costs that were previously financed by the abolished fees”, He said.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.