Govt commended

The International Peace and Governance Council say the Presidential Pronouncements on electoral reforms and Public Order Act amendment clearly highlight government’s dedication to craft a constitution that reflects the aspirations of the people.

International Peace and Governance Council Media and Communications, Director Wezzy Chomba has hailed President Hichilema for assuring Zambians that his Administration will undertake all necessary measures to gather and build consensus when refining the supreme law of the land.

Mr Chomba said President Hichilema’s stance will deepen democracy by ensuring that the tenets of good governance are upheld.

“President Hichilema’s position to engage parliamentarians with a view to stopping unnecessary and costly by-elections which act as a drain to limited national resources at the expense of poverty eradication and other matters of national importance,” he said.

Mr Chomba says his organisation stands ready to partner with Government and other key stakeholders in the governance process to ensure activities aimed at enhancing Peace and Good Governance are upheld.