Govt commended for guidance on CDF

 Govt commended for guidance on CDF

The Christian Coalition of Zambia has commended Government for guidance on the use of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to ensure that development is delivered to the Zambian people.

The Coalition’s president Charles Mwape says the coalition has also looked at the guidelines in applying for bursaries and scholarships.

Prof Mwape said that the nation has a lot of NGOs that provides scholarships and bursaries to vulnerable student’s in-terms of uniforms, books, tuition fees and other requirements.

He also said that the Government should have considered giving bursaries to young people in tertiary education which has proven to be a challenge that most young people with good results have failed to access tertiary education despite them being expected in colleges and universities.

Prof Mwape has appealed to the Minister of Local Government and rural development Garry Nkombo to seat down with technocrats in revisiting the secondary school bursaries by taking it to tertiary education.

He said that considering the secondary school bursaries and scholarship to tertiary , will not only be a relief to young people but also translates the provision of education from primary to tertiary education promised by the New Dawn Government.