Govt commended for creating Green Economy and Environment Ministry

 Govt commended for creating Green Economy and Environment Ministry

Climate Expert at The University of Zambia Douty Chibamba has commended President Hakainde Hichilema for creating Green Economy and Environment Ministry and put it as standalone Ministry so that it can tap external funding.

Dr Chibamba said that it is important for the Ministry to be separated from lands and make it one so that Government can give it a full complementary budget in support.

“The ministry has come at right time and just by the name Green Economy’ the title itself matters because it is always important to watch the Global arena. This means a funding window to the donors to fund us through the projects the Minister implements due to climate change,” he said.

Speaking on Sunday interview, he said the Green Economy will help in reducing the amount of Carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere, as well as resource efficiency and inclusiveness.

Dr Chibamba also said that the Ministry will help the country in conservation of natural resources by cutting off careless consumption.

He said the Green Economy can help to create jobs even to people with no papers by using solid waste management, by separating solid waste at source with the use of bins and plastic bags.

Dr Chibamba said that youths in collaboration with small scale and medium enterprises can recycle solid waste like inshima to make manure where they can sell to other groups that are into agriculture of glowing vegetables and can sell to the chain stores like Shoprite and pick and pay.

He said the minister of Green Economy can lobby support from the Donors if the Ministry has to succeed.

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