Govt clears Zambia Railways

 Govt clears Zambia Railways

Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe says Government has cleared 19 million 4 hundred thousand Kwacha terminal benefits owed to over Eight Hundred and 20 former Zambia Railways employees.

Mr Haimbe said that the amount includes interest accrued over a period of time.

He said that the arrears have been cleared following successful negotiations between Government and the lawyers of the former Zambia Railways employees.

Speaking at a press briefing at the Ministry of Justice, Mr Haimbe said that the Government will remain committed to clearing payments of benefits of all former employees like Zambia Railways.

Mr Haimbe said  that Government will continue paying former Government employees whose benefits have Not been paid as and when resources are available.

In 2017, former Zambia Railways Employees sued the Government through the office of the Attorney General demanding for their terminal benefits.