Govt, Catholic Bishops confer over national affairs

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Government has called on the Bishops to guide the citizens on the need to access factual information from official sources.

Government and Catholic Bishops met to liaise on developmental and National Economic affairs.

The parties agreed that Government should refine its consultative framework intensifying its collaboration and outreach activities.

Strengthening the frameworks would keep the nation informed about development taking part in the Nation.

And government welcomed the interest demonstrated the Bishops in wanting to understand the financial and economic affairs of the country.

The meeting was attended government representative in Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda, Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary for Economic Management and Finance Mukuli Chikuba and Ministry of Finance Spokesperson Chileshe Kandeta.

The Bishops, from various Catholic Dioceses of Zambia, were led the President of The Zambia Catholic Bishops, George Lungu.

This is contained in a press statement Ministry of Finance Public Relations Office.


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