Govt appreciates EU support

 Govt appreciates EU support

Lands Minister, Elijah Muchima says Government appreciates the support Zambia has been receiving from the European Union towards land governance.

Mr Muchima said the country values the assistance that includes support to climate change adaptation and natural resources management.

He said that Government also values the economic governance support program the European Union intends to implement to support improvements in legal and institutional framework in land administration.

Mr Muchima said Zambia also remains committed to domesticating the “United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity which the country signed on June 11, 1992 and ratified on May 28, 1993.

He also s said that Zambia is committed to implementing the National Wetlands Policy of 2018 which is the main policy for implementing the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of international importance.

Mr Muchima was speaking when a delegation of ambassadors from the European Union conferred with him in Lusaka .

And, EU Ambassador to Zambia Jacek Jankowski said the block has noted that working together on issues of the environment can deliver more impact with minimal resources.