Give the UPND time to settle Zambians urged

 Give the UPND time to settle Zambians urged

The Council of Churches of the Christian Coalition has urged Zambians and the youths in particular to be patient with the UPND administration and give them time to settle before they start implementing their promises.

The Coalition’s President Charles Mwape said that they are aware of the promises the UPND made to the Zambians which were the basis for the massive voter turnout.

Professor Mwape said that it is only wise that the opposition parties and Zambians make room for the new government plan and work on how they will be fulfilling their promises.

He said that it will not be possible for the UPND government to implement most of their promises soon because the budget for 2022 has already reached advanced stages.

“The UPND promised free education from primary to tertiary, creation of employment for young people, among other promises, we want to let the people of Zambia know that implementing free education or any other promises will not be actualized today or even next year, we should move away from political rhetoric and stop inciting the Zambians to demand for promises that require time to be actualized,’’ he said.

Professor Mwape also called on opposition political parties to be realistic and avoid issuing absurd statements in the name of providing checks and balances to a government barely a month old.

He said if the UPND Government is given two years for them to implement their promises, the opposition political parties will be able to give honest and accurate checks and balances as compared to now.