Girl’s family gang up to kill hubby

 Girl’s family gang up to kill hubby

Two sisters of Chingola have been arrested after they gang up with family members and bar door bouncer to kill the husband to one of the two sisters.

Febby Chungu 23, has been arrested for murdering her husband Kapende Musonda 28, both of Soweto Township.

The fight ensued at Sunrise bar where Febby who was living separately with her husband had gone for drinks with her mother, sisters and other family members.

By coincidence, Mr Musonda popped up at the bar and Febby’s mother confronted him as regards to the marital affair with the daughter.

After provocation, Mr Musonda unleashed a bamboo slap on the woman, the situation which angered, the brothers and sisters of Febby who descended him.

Seeing that he was still strong, the door bouncer at the bar only known as Mulenga unleashed the ‘Mike Tyson; punch which floored Mr Musonda.

This now gave the opportunity to the family to tramp up on him till he died.

He bled from the nose and his body is in Nchanga North General hospital.

Febby and her young sister Priscilla Chipulu both of 33 Zambezi Road in Soweto have since been arrested in connection with murder of Mr Musonda.

After probe around 23:00 hrs last night they revealed of who else was involved in the murdering of her husband.

Copperbelt Police Chief couldn’t be reached as she was busy with the President who is on the Copperbelt.

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