Ghost story in Lulalmaba fake-Mayor

 Ghost story in Lulalmaba fake-Mayor

Chingola Mayor Johnson Kangombe has refuted the claims making round on social media that there is a bride ghost in Lulamba Township.

Mr Kangombe said that the story that has gone viral social media is not true but just a made up social media story.

The Independent Observer was following reports on some posts from Twikatane Chingola Face page where people have been saying that a ghost has emerged in Lulamba, though the stories have not been clear to whether the ghost is attacking people or just appearing to members of the public.

He said that people should not abuse social media in posting things that are not verified and may alarm the general public.

The Mayor has appealed to the people of Chingola not to take the ghost story serious as there is no evidence of a ghost appearing to anyone or even attacking someone.

And Lulamba ward Councilor Samuel Lupito said that Lalamba is a peaceful township and those making fake claims should stop as they are alarming the people.