Germany Chancellor meets Diplomatic in Meseberg

…makes major diplomatic pronouncements

By Staff Writer
Every year, the most powerful leader in Europe, the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) Angela Merkel hosts diplomats accredited to the FRG at her country retreat, the Schloss Meseberg where she makes various important pronouncements.

This year Chancellor Merkel made Africa a ‘top agenda’ item, referred to it in top part of her speech, signifying the importance the Chancellor and her country attaches to the continent.

Chancellor Merkel said aid alone cannot continue to sustain, imploring business to take a significantly ‘close look’ at the fact that Africa with a growing young population will be huge economic player soon.

Chancellor Merkel also told the European Union collectively that they have a ‘duty to work with Africa’ for economic development purposes supporting the private sector grow and of course not ignoring the pivotal role the small business plays or can play in growing the economy in Africa.

Zambia’s Ambassador Anthony Mukwita was one of the more than a hundred top ranking diplomats that joined Federal Chancellor Merkel at the working fete along with scores of other diplomatic leaders based in Berlin.

This practice of meeting diplomats is one which President Edgar Lungu of Zambia has perfected in recent years, meeting diplomats collectively or separately in blocks such as EU and AU etc. every year.

We bring you the full speech Chancellor Angela Merkel today as posted on her official chancery page known asBundezkanzlerin.

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