Germany and Zambia sign MoU

 Germany and Zambia sign MoU

Zambia and Germany have signed technical and financial agreements worth 46.8 million Euros to address challenges across various sectors of the economy.

Germany Ambassador to Zambia Anne Wagner Mitchel, who signed on behalf of her country, said the resources are a commitment made by the German Government during negotiations in 2020.

Ms Wagner Mitchel said the funds will be used for the “decentralization for development” and promotion of efficient participation, transparency and access to justice.

Ms Wagner said that part of the funds will also be used for “fish for food security” in Zambia under the one world No hunger initiative.

And, Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane, who signed on behalf of Zambia, said the support towards water and sanitation through the management of water resources and sanitation for medium sized cities project will directly contribute to an improved access to clean and safe drinking water.

“The resources will be used for the intended purposes and in a transparent manner in line with the UPND administration’s working policy, the signing of the agreements will make a desirable impact in addressing Zambia’s many economic challenges,” he said.

And Africa Representative of the Germany Chancellor Gunter Nooke said the German Government has also provided an extra 7 million Euros as a gesture to Zambia for having a peaceful transition of power.

Mr Nooke said the money will help Government to provide employment opportunities for youths across all sectors.

He said the resources can also help fight Covid-19 through provision of clean and safe water.