German business flags off agro processing company

 German business flags off agro processing company

German business flags off agro processing company in Zambia to service local and set to export food needs.

A company that will locally produce French fries or potato chips  for both the Zambian and regional export markets is expected to commence operations this year said German Agri business Frank Nordman.

Mr Nordman who is also German Agri business President said the initiative is a direct response to the growing potato business in Zambia and the region.

He was speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita at the embassy offices on Axel Springer Street in Berlin.

Under the auspices of German Agribusiness Alliance, about 10 German businesses and a 7 member Ministerial delegation will be attending the Zambian annual Agri Tech show in Chisamba from the 9th to the 12th of April 2019 also known as Chisamba Agriculture show.

While in Zambia, the delegation wants to meet the Minister of Agriculture and share their vision for their investment in the country and expect a buy-in from the Zambian government.

Mr Nordman said German farmers in Zambia have developed their potato growing leading to complete satisfaction of the local market and making unnecessary their import from outside the country.

“We can assure you Your Excellency that we are able to fully supply the Zambian market with potatoes without recourse to outside suppliers”,he said .

To assist in the transfer of skills to local farmers, the German farmers in the Chisamba area have set up a training facility which has been offering courses that include farm management, equipment maintenance, tractor operating, and growing all kinds of vegetables.

The German Agribusiness Alliance is grateful that the Zambian government has provided the necessary support to the training facility an indication of its commitment to the development of the agricultural sector.

The Alliance hopes to expand investment in Zambia and is appealing for the allocation of more land to facilitate the realization of its plans.

Under President Edgar Lungu agriculture is earmarked as one of the growth points for the Zambian economy. To this effect, one million hectares of land have been set aside for investors both local and foreign to participate in turning around the agricultural sector.

Ambassador Mukwita said German business decision to head to Zambia is testimony that Zambia is a favored investment destination largely due to its stability and business friendly environment.

This is contained in a statement issued in Berlin by first Secretary for Press and Public Relations Kellys Kaunda Zambia Embassy.

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