Gender Minister wants focal point persons in place

 Gender Minister wants focal point persons in place

By Staff Writer
Minister of Gender Elizabeth Phiri has requested all line Ministries to implement the National Gender Policy by ensuring that the gender focal point persons are incorporated in all activities.

Ms Phiri has said that the continued employment disparities between men and women in both public and private sectors is agonising and requires hasty attention.

The Minister said Zambia is a signatory to a number of regional and international agreements and as such, the nation is obliged to report on the progress of the domestication of instruments that promotes equality for all.

Ms Phiri expressed concern on the wide employment disparities between men and women despite having more women who are breaking barriers of penetrating the much perceived male dominated fields.

The Minister is disheartened with the 2017 Central Statics Report on employment levels for persons who are 15 years and older in rural and urban areas.

“The gigantic employment sectors such as Agriculture, forestry and fishing have engaged more males than females as statistics indicate that there are 470,303 males compared to 298,303 women representing 63.4 percent.

“The mining and quarrying industries have also employed 54,171 men compared to 3,836 females. In the manufacturing industry 178,306 males are employed compared to 55,414 women while in the construction industry, statistics indicate 138,834 males compared to 6,377 females,” she said.

Ms Phiri said despite the education sector employing 98,499 compared to 91,178 men, more needs to be done to increase the number of women in senior management positions.

She implored the public and private sectors to work towards bridging the inequality gaps if the country is to attain the much anticipated national development.

“Government will endeavour to work towards attaining the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union protocols that promote gender equality.

“Gender equality culminates into best practises that promotes economic growth and attract investment in various sectors and create decent employment,” she said.

This is according to a media release made available to The Independent Observer by Ministry of Gender Media Liaison Officer Mwape Mwenya.

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