French solar energy firm to electrify more than 5000 households in Zambia

 French solar energy firm to electrify more than 5000 households in Zambia

A French solar energy firm is set to electrify more than five thousand households in the rural communities of Zambia by 2024.

This follows the completion of feasibility studies which were undertaken by Generale Du Solaire to determine the scope of works needed to develop, construct and operate mini solar grids in Zambia.

Generale Du Solaire is an independent electricity producer and has more than 300 solar power plants in France with an hourly production capacity of 5 gigawatts.

Benin and Togo are the latest recipients of the project in Africa while Zambia is the next investment destination.

During a tour of the solar power plant in Sodourn, France, Zambia’s Ambassador to France Her Excellency Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata was informed that preparatory works to set up solar power plants in Zambia have advanced and 9 villages across the country are expected to benefit from the project.

Generale Du Solaire Director for Africa and Middle East Alexis Rehbinder says the project has been designed to meet the demands of the people in need of accessing electricity.

Mr Rehbinder said the project of electrifying the rural community is aimed at supplementing efforts by the national utility and as such his organization will collaborate with Zesco to improve and accelerate the rate at which people access electricity.

He further said his company will closely work with the local communities with the aim of incorporating Zambians to be part of the project.

Mr Rehbinder however hoped that the Energy Regulation Board and the Rural Electrification Authority would expedite the issuance of permits to enable them commence operations by the end of 2023.

Dr Kaseba commended General Du Solaire for choosing Zambia as the best destination for foreign direct investment and assured the investors of the government’s commitment to safeguard their investment.

“This project will greatly benefit the small medium enterprises who depend on electricity for their business activities”, she added.

Alice Nachilembe

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