Four vehicles collide in a Chikola accident

 Four vehicles collide in a Chikola accident

Four people and a pedestrian have been involved in a Road Traffic Accident that occurred along Chikola crescent road in Ndola.

Two of the involved have escaped unhurt.

Copperbelt Commanding Officer Sharon Zulu said the accident happened yesterday at around 15:20 hours and involved four motor vehicles.

“The  first vehicle being a  BMW X5 registration number ACX 2068 which had the following damages depressed driver’s door and left rear door, scratched rear bumper, broken Left rear indicator lense and ripped off side view mirror , being driven by Gladys Mulomba  aged 36 of Hse .No. 9 Naidu road Kanini Ndola,” she said

 Ms Zulu also said that the second motor vehicle Toyota Corona Reg No.ADE 1681 ZM which had depressed right and left fender ripped off rear bumper and broken left indicator lense which was being driven by Mutaluka Morgan aged 52 who escaped unhurt.

 “The third motor vehicle which was a Nissan Qashqai Reg No. BBA 2513zm which had depressed left rear fender and was being driven by Angel Kangwa aged 59 of Hse No. 28 Chikola Crescent Itawa Ndola who escaped unhurt.”

The fourth motor vehicle being a Toyota Allion Reg No BCD 1925zm which had depressed right rear fender, ripped off rear bumper, shattered rear windscreen and broken right rear indicator lense, the same was being driven by Munkanzo Winford aged 29 of hse. No. 47 Chipulukusu who escaped unhurt,” she said.

Ms Zulu said that a pedestrian identified as Brenda Mansankala aged 72 of house number 9 Naidu road Kanini Ndola was also involved in the accident and has sustained a fractured right leg and is admitted to Ndola Teaching Hospital.

“The accident happened when the first motor vehicle was being driven in reverse from West to East off the road and in the process it hit into the second motor vehicle which was packed off the road facing the northern direction which in turn hit into the third motor vehicle which was also parked off the road facing  north. The first motor vehicle further went on to hit into the fourth motor vehicle which was being driven from north south along the same road and later fell in the drainage,” she said.