Fosdon Kabole scouts for Rangers Exco

Ex-Nchanga Rangers veteran coach Fodson Kabole has been called by Nchanga Rangers executive to help in accessing and identifying real talent from the recently procured City Circuit.

Yesterday, September 25, 2019, Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) the official sponsor of both Konkola Blades and Nchanga Rangers hosted a mini tournament at Nchanga Stadium involving three teams which included players from the now defunct Circuit City.

The purpose of the tournament was to infuse Circuit City players into Nchanga Rangers.

Speaking with The Independent Observer at the stadium, Kabole said he remains passionate for Rangers to play in the premier league.

He said he was looped in with clear mandate to help in accessing and identifying the players.

He said though the talent was average, with proper coaching and guidance they can do wonders.

“My only mandate here is to help in accessing the players. How I wish this programme was conducted off season. Now we have limited time of only seeing them in single matches, which may leave out players who may have a bad day in their first game.

“The advantage with such young talent is that they still have passion to play in order to make break throughs into the national teams such U-20, U-23 and the main team. In short they want to achieve a lot thereby benefiting the team,” he said.



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