Foreigners aren’t good Samaritans-LM

 Foreigners aren’t good Samaritans-LM

Leadership Movement President Richard Silumbe says foreign investors will not come to Zambia as good Samaritans.

Dr Silumbe said foreign investors come to Zambia in order to exploit business opportunities and make maximum profit.

“Foreigners will never come to Zambia as good Samaritans to develop our mother Zambia but they are coming to conquer Zambia, exploit our minerals, amass wealth and suck the profit.

“For this reason as the Leadership Movement we call upon Zambians to be vigilant in the Protection of Natural Resources. Therefore, we need to make use of own resources and maximise, produce products and be able to make profit out of it, other than waiting on foreigner Investors,” he said.

Dr Silumbe said the vigilant mind set will be brought into action in 2021.

He said LM is on massive nationwide membership recuritment for jobs in 2021 which will results into millions of jobs to benefit the women, youths and unemployed Zambians as stated in our party manifesto.

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