Foote hammered the nail on the head

Dear Editor,

After reading and listening to USA Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote’s statement and I quote “I am horrified with such a sentence of 15 years to individuals who have no impact on the economy yet those stealing donor funds affecting the country are not convicted.”

The Ambassador there to me didn’t support gayism, neither did he say the offenders were not wrong.

He felt why convicting those two to such a lengthy sentence while those government officials and politicians sabotaging our economy through thieving of not our own money but even donor funds are on the loose.

For sure where is the logic? Let’s us not be swayed by politicians who want to cover their wrong doings using every open opportunity available.

If you think he is wrong, first and foremost, tell us which official or politician has been convicted for 15 years for corruption?

That is the logic he was giving us, yet everyone who is actually affected by the corruption currently going on is up in arms asking for Foote’s blood, what for?

Bane, let’s think before we tap. These politicians are using us to cover up their evil tracks.

Nkau Evans

The Independent Observer

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