Five PF MPs suspended

 Five PF MPs suspended

Five Members of Parliament from the Opposition PF have been suspended from parliament for 30 days, the suspension commenced yesterday and will end on April 21st 2022.

The Five are Kabushi MP Bowman Lusambo, Lunte MP Mutotwe Kafwya, Kwacha MP Joe Malanji, Nakonde MP Lucas Simumba and Lubansenshi Taulo Chewe.

And, First Deputy Speaker Malungo Chisangano said the five participated in the disruption of proceedings of the house on Tuesday November, 30, 2021 but were excluded from the ruling of 15th March 2022 as they were not in the house during the ruling.

Ms Chisangano said the five are part of the ruling in which 30 members of the PF who participated in a protest in the chamber were suspended for a period of 30 days.

She said during the suspension, the MPs will not enter the precincts of the Assembly which extend to the National Assembly motel.

Ms Chisangano said that the MPs will also not participate in any activity or any committee that they are assigned in.