Five hacked by lone attacker in Chingola

 Five hacked by lone attacker in Chingola

A lone attacker has hacked five family members in Chikola Loop area.

This is not the first machete attack that has happened in the same area.

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And the community in the area has swung into action making two separate citizen’s arrest in Loop area and in Town Centre.

Copperbelt Police Chief, Charity Katanga, has confirmed the attack on the five to The Independent Observer in an interview.

Ms Katanga said the lone attacker gained entry into the house after removing some bricks that were used to seal the sitting room window and attacked the couple including three children while they were asleep.

She said the lone attacker using a suspected steel bar and sharp instrument attacked Thomas Chama 40, who sustained multiple cuts on the head and forehead, his wife Rachel  Chama 35, who sustained cuts on the head and a deep cut on forehead.

And their children Blessing Mbwehati 12, who sustained a cut on the head and general body pains, Emmanuel Kasangeli 15, who sustained a deep cut on the forehead and swollen head using unknown sharp instrument.

She said the incidence happened December 15, around 20:00 hrs and December 16, around 06:00 hrs.

The other member was Chanda Chama 9, who alerted neighbours after sustaining a painful left shoulder.

The victims were initially admitted at Nchanga North general hospital but were later evacuated to Kitwe Teaching hospital.

However, the attack has not settled well with the community and they have gone rampage apprehending all those they suspect to be behind such spate of attacks.

Earlier today, December 17, 2019, the mob apprehended one suspect with machetes and later handed him over to Lulamba police.

And within two hours, another suspect was apprehended by the community along the Close in Town Centre and was also handed over to Chingola Central police.

The Independent Observer

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