First Lady Esther has as a new baby

 First Lady Esther has as a new baby

First Lady Esther Lungu has adopted an abandoned baby.

The little girl who was nameless not so long ago and abandoned by her mother a few days after she was born, has been named after her new mother, Esther and will assume the Sir name of her father, the most powerful man in the land, President Edgar Lungu, after the adoption process is completed

Esther was born prematurely weighing 1.75 Kgs, on November 25, 2018 under normal delivery.

She and her mother were taken to B03 but when her condition failed to stabilize, the little girl was taken to neonatal intensive care unit whilst her mother was taken to mother’s shelter where she stayed a few days before running away under the guise that she was going home to get new cloths and would be back soon.

But that was the last the hospital staff saw of her and have been taking care of the little girl ever since.

It is only left to be assumed that had the mother of little Esther known that her daughter would be a child of the first family, she would probably not have been too quick to abandon her.

The first Lady adopted little Esther this morning when she visited the University Teaching Hospital where she gave out hampers to new born Christmas babies in the company of Health Minister, Chitalu Chilufya and his wife Mutinta Chilufya.

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