Fipuya bridge to be rehabilitated


Chingola Constituency Member of Parliament Chipoka Mulenga has assured the residents of Kamuchanga and surrounding areas that Fipuya bridge will be rehabilitated to bituminous standard.

This is the bridge used by the farmers in the Fipuya farming block and usually they are cut off from trading once the rainy season commences

Speaking when he visited Kamuchanga ward to appreciate the challenges experienced, Mr Chipoka said it is unfortunate that during the rainy season the bridge becomes impassable and posses as a challenge to school going children and the general citizenry that use the bridge.

Mr Chipoka said to alleviate the challenges experiences, the road will be rehabilitated using tie constituency Development funds (CDF).

“’This is the bridge used by farmers that supply food stuffs to the Chingola urban, it’s is imperative that we work on it to better the lives of people, the road becomes impassable in rainy season, everyone feels the impact of having such a road,” he said.

And Kamuchanga Michael Singongo said once completed the bridge, the residents will benefit because the road will also be graded and will be passable even in the rainy season.

Community Chairman Charles Mulango appealed to the area MP to help address youth unemployment in the ward, as it has resulted in bad behavior, burglary and thefts among the youths in the ward.

Mr Chipoka also visited the bridge that connects Gibson Chinfwembe and Lulamba wards were he assured that the bridge which is almost collapsing will be constructed anew.

Mr Chipoka said the bridge in a bad state and needs urgent attention as it possess disaster hazard to the residents.