Find mortgages for civil servants-Tambatamba

 Find mortgages for civil servants-Tambatamba

Minister of Labour and Social Security Brenda Tambatamba has implored Zambia National Building Society (ZNBS) to come up with mechanism to give mortgages to workers in civil service, private sector and the informal sector.

Speaking during a courtesy call paid on her by ZNBS, Managing Director, Mildred Mutesa, in her office, Ms Tambatamba indicated that her Ministry is an economic  responsible for turning the wheels of the economy.

“The true meaning of the mandate of the ministry can only be realized if everyone can see the relationships and synergies that need to be listed up with other stakeholders like Zambia National Building Society (ZNBS) in answering to the call of the Zambian people workers and retirees to own houses,” she said.

Ms Tambatamba commended Zambia National Building Society for conferring with NAPSA on the possibilities to come up with a roadmap and mechanisms of giving workers in civil service, private and informal sector mortgages.

She said that her Ministry is still working on modalities to finalize the process and roadmap of the Pension Reforms.

“Labour is the economy we run the wheels, we turn the wheels of the economy. I can imagine what will happen to the Zambia Building Society if those workers just withdrew their labour, this story will come to a halt”, she said.

Speaking earlier, ZNBS Managing Director, Mildred Mutesa, said that the society has reached out to NAPSA in order for the two institutions to come up with a plan on how Zambian workers and retirees can be assisted to build and own their own houses.

Ms Mutesa said the institution is in talks with NAPSA in trying to come up with modalities of how this can work.

She also said that civil servants are highly indebted but the two institutions will have to find ways of actualizing the call by the Minister.