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Reservoir update (filling water in the dam) today 12th November 2020. Water level as of 06:00 hrs was 31meters remaining to reach the spillway gates. The dam height is 130.5m high, i.e from elevation (EL) 450 to (EL) 581.
The full supply level (FSL) is at EL 579.

The volume of water at FSL is estimated to be 82.96 MCM. This will cover an area of 1.85 square kilometers. The required minimum operating level (MOL) is at elevation (EL) 530 and the volume at million cubic metres (MOL) is estimated to be 21.78 MCM.

Water will only occupy an area of 0.76 square kilometers at MOL. In short, filling of the dam is going on well.

Henry Kapata
Zesco Spokesperson.