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By Staff Writer
Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Acting Board Chairperson John Kasanga says FIC is the sole agency mandated by law to receive, request, analyse and disseminate the disclosure of suspicious transaction reports required to be made under the FIC Act or ANY other written law, including information from any foreign designated authority.

Mr Kasanga insists the FIC team are not “takataka” people but are a highly competent and professional team of experienced individuals who possess skills well sought after in our region.

The dossiers that go to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) are detailed (with FULL names of actors involved) and pinpoint transactions from inception.

The FIC follows the money trail and is meticulous in determining which suspicious transactions merit being passed on to LEAs and which ones do not.

DG Mary Chirwa worked at the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) for 18 years and headed the Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Team for 6 years, successfully prosecuting money laundering cases in court before she was picked to head FIC.

“No individual is bigger than Zambia” – John Kasanga