Expert’s thoughts on Catherine Phiri vs Fatuma Zarika

 Expert’s thoughts on Catherine Phiri vs Fatuma Zarika

Zambian and Kenyan social media is ablaze with commentaries on the past World Boxing Council title fight between Zambian sensation Catherine Phiri and Kenyan World Champion Fatuma Zarika, won by the latter.

Most comments i read seem to suggest another result other than the one given by the judges and so i share my thoughts on the fight.

Unlike most combat sports that are easy to score, Boxing is complex and has its own set standard for scoring, and these are Activity, Aggression, Accurate and Dominance.

The only demerit of these being point subtractions for offences such as Low blows, Headbutts or constant Clenching. That said we will use that set standard to determine the real result of fight keeping in mind that it was a Title fight with a Belt Holder/Champion.

It can’t be argued that Catherine was the more active fighter as seen by the volume or number of punches she threw per round and going by that standard aside of everything else then she won the fight.

Standard two which is judged by seeing the presser or pressing fighter goes to Catherine, she was the more forward moving fighter and using this standard and the first one then she won the fight.

Of the three; Activity, Aggression and Accuracy, the latter counts the most or rather supersedes them all. Question then is how is accuracy determined? Answer is simple, Face Punches.

Therefore using this standard which counts for all and we will realize that while Catherine threw a greater volume of punches, her face punch landing rate was lower than Zarika’s, her punches were covered in combinations and were also less clearer to score than Zarika’s there by giving her a lower score on the judges’ scorecard.. So going by Standard three, Zarika won the fight.

Standard four is always judged on the three above or constant knockdowns if any. Aside of knockdowns, and then accuracy takes rule as was the case in awarding victory to the incumbent World Champion, Zarika.

Unlike the false theory by many that a Champion should be knocked out to be dethroned, the real theory is dominated which is either by accuracy, knockdowns or both none of which was with Catherine. The reaction to this fight is no different from the famous “Fight of the Century” between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao which the former won and yet the aggressor was Manny, all based on accuracy or clear face punches.

All in all and with utter patriotism for both our Boxer and the Nation, the Judges were so right in awarding the fight to the Champion with an optional result being a draw considering her inactivity as she would still have retained her title.

Great fight by Cathy, she is young and can be better than she is if well trained, Coach Mike should consider adding qualified personnel to his team to help out with newer technical and tactical skills to her, as it is she hasn’t improved much the last two years and blame goes to no one but Coach Mike and his group of trainers.

Mbanga, Irvine ilukui.
Fayetteville, Arkansas.
United States of America

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