EU election observers counseled

 EU election observers counseled

Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga says the stance of impartiality and objectivity by some International Election Observers must be practical.

Mr Malupenga said that Government has since counseled International Election Observers to be impartial and objective.

Mr Malupenga implored the international election Observers to develop a tendency of sharing their pre-election findings with government.

Mr Malupenga said it is unfair that government always gets the feedback of the alleged international election Observers’ pre-election findings from remarks by opposition figures.

“Government is committed to ensuring that the August 12, polls is free and fair, that is why it is tolerating the international election Observers,” he said.

Mr Malupenga was speaking in Lusaka when he deliberated with the European Union (EU) Media Analysts.

And EU Social Media Analyst Inta Lase said that the EU Election Observers will uphold impartiality and objectivity at all cost.