Employees going on strike warned to follow procedure- Labour Commissioner

 Employees going on strike warned to follow procedure- Labour Commissioner

The Labour Commissioner Givens Muntengwa has warned employees going on or intending to go on strike to follow the prescribed procedure of taking such action or risk facing adverse consequences.

Mr Muntengwa said this after successfully mediating a meeting between NFCA African Management and the national trade unions representation in the mining sector.

He has also expressed disappointed with NFCA workers who went on a work stoppage yesterday.

This comes after discovering that this yesterday work stoppage at NFCA was as a result of employees not understanding what the law requires before such action is taken.

Mr Muntengwa said the Commissioner went on ground to address the riotous workers advising them to resume work and air the grievances they wish to submit in order to have improved terms and conditions in their contracts through the laid procedure of involving trade unions who will in turn engage management.

He said this is in light of the fact that the bargaining window between management and the union will open on October 1, to December 31, 2021.

“Employees have been advised to submit their proposals and grievances thy wish to have improved in their contracts as agreed in the collective agreement. To this effect, the Labour Commissioner has disclosed that Government will not take lightly any such actions as they can lead to industrial disharmony in the Labour sector causing disruptions in the economy,” he said.

Meanwhile, NFC African Mining Deputy Manager HR, Rabecca Chanda, has since issued an internal memorandum instructing all employees who have withdrawn their Labour and decided to take part in an illegal demonstration to consider going back for work, as failure to do so shall result into being summarily dismissed from employment in accordance with section 4.7.1 G of the displinery Code of conduct of the company.

Ms Chanda said Management has advised unionized employees to present their issues through their union leaders and those who are not unionized should follow the laid grievance procedure in the settlement of industrial disputes.

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