Emmanuel Mwamba moves to Ethiopia

By Staff Writer
Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba has been transferred to Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

Mwamba is expected to take the post as Zambia’s ambassador to Ethiopia as well as Permanent Representaive to the African Union.

Sources close to the process stated that Mwamba will be taking over from veteran diplomat, Ambassador Susan Sikaneta who has been retired.

Mwamba was posted to South Africa and prides himself of many achievements including the establishment of the Zambia-South Business Forum and the signing the Bi-National Commission between the two states.

Mwamba’s replacement has not yet been announced.

Last week Mwamba was reported in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia attending the 32nd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union Summit.

The Zambia Association in South Africa(ZASA) that is organising Mwamba’s farewell party, said they were informed informally about Mwamba’s movement in December 2018.

But they said they were now organising a farewell party as they were aware that processes for Mwamba’s eventual movement were almost complete.

ZASA President, Ferdinand Simanya said that the High Commissioner was the Patron of the association and the executive were organising the farewell party because of the notable achievements and milestones the organisation made under his leadership.

He said Zambians felt were represented and welcomed Mwamba’s open-door policy at the Embassy.

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