Electric cables stolen from Mulonga treatment plant

 Electric cables stolen from Mulonga treatment plant

Unknown criminals have stolen a Mulonga Water Supply and Sanitation Company  (MWSC) electric cable valued at K55, 890 from Kafue Water Treatment Plant in Chingola.

The 57 meters cable was purchased recently and it is used to rectify electricity cable faults on high voltage lines at the plant.

MWSC Acting Public Relations Manager Bright Mtonga confirmed the development.

Mr Mtonga said the theft was reported to Zambia Police who are handling the investigations.

“Yes we recently had a theft at Kafue water Treatment Plant were unknown criminals stole a 57 meters long, core armored electricity cable. The cable was stored there as it is used to rectify cable faults,” he said.

He said that the investigations were under way and that the security guard from the security company contracted to guard the premises was on the run.

“This is a serious draw back, this cable is used in emergencies at our plants. These criminal activities are hampering our emergency response capabilities.” He said.

Mr Mtonga said that thefts of electric cables, steel pipes, metallic sewer manhole covers and equipment was a challenge to the company because the items had a ready market.

Alice Nachilembe


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