Electoral commission, examination council at play

Dear Editor

I am casually watching the drama of how the two ECZ are carrying on their business after the ConCourt ruling that puts G12 school certificate as a must to have, that has put a lot of aspiring candidates both new and those serving, on the wire.
The first ECZ (Examination Council of Zambia)’s mandate is to verify and certify that the presented certificate to them is a valid certificate issued by themselves, the names are genuine and that it has not been tampered with.
The second ECZ (Electoral Commission of Zambia)’s mandate is to ascertain and qualify that the G12 certificate duly certified by the first ECZ meets its criteria for adoption, which a lot of aspirants are actually giving a blind eye to. 
Surprisingly, the majority seem to assume that the first ECZ’s confirmation letter means the second ECZ should not disqualify it, which is not true. 
Anyway, for now am digesting aloud but I see a lot on the wire because of what I am seeing and hearing in the hood. For instance, what has the second ECZ explained on what constitute a qualification to be on the ballot paper, not whether is it just a G12 school certificate?
Let us wait and see. I have my G12 papers ready and handy from the first ECZ. 
Wisdom Muyunda


The Independent Observer


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