Editor’s Choice: Don’t be misled by Maxwell Chongu

 Editor’s Choice: Don’t be misled by Maxwell Chongu

By Joe Zulu (Personal View)
I write to plead with the Zambian cadres not to be misled by PF member Maxwell Chongu that he is living well because of being a cadre. That is a lie.

Mawell Chongu is a well-connected person. Connected to Ministers and the ruling government.

I case you have forgotten, Maxwell is also a former Big Brother Africa housemate. He represented Zambia during the second season.

A few may be aware that Chongu has been to ‘school’ and runs his own supply and contracting firm and perhaps through his ‘hard work’, he has managed to achieve what he seems to be showing off.

My problem is that none of his showing off is attributed to his education, connection, hard work and exposure. In the clip he has instead only chosen to glorifying ‘cadreism’.

My concern is, what would go through the mind of a Grade 11 pupil after watching the clip? Assuming the pupil has no knowledge of the other side of Chongu in the clip other than the cadre side.

Such not well thought posts has the potential to demoralise or discourage a pupil of his aspirations or simply cause the pupil to reset his ambitions.

Meanwhile, during weekends or school holidays, the boy usually visits the home of his elder brother or uncle who is an engineer, a teacher, a medical doctor among others but do not see even half of the luxury being displayed by a self-proclaimed ‘cadre’

What notch will the pupil give ‘cadreism’? Your guess is as good as mine.

One may attempt to cleanse a cadre out of cadreism but may not succeed to rid of cadreism out a political cadre.

If you are a pupil, stay in school. Max is a well-connected person, with international exposure, educated and a hard worker who runs his own company.

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