Editorial: RTSA the punisher

 Editorial: RTSA the punisher

Tell Zambians anything good about the Road Safety and Transport Agency (RTSA)?

The Agency charged with responsibility to provide road safety is slowly shifting from its mandate of ensuring road safety to that of a revenue collecting agency.

The Minister of Transport and Communication Brian Mushimba also looks to be completely detached from the reality.

Instead of acting like a gate keeper for Zambians he is acting like a torn net with no capacity to stop any mess.

Even speed cameras RTSA planted everywhere they have done nothing good but just milk the public of their little money, thereby further impoverishing starving Zambians!

If RTSA was so much concerned about the people’s welfare it would have decentralized its backward system of issuing drivers licenses.

It would have advocated for a proper road marking and signage in all places and also improve road safety awareness!

On the issue of vehicle population why should one pay a whopping K500 just for that?

And as we are on the subject of Law, RTSA need to explain to the public especially things which do not make sense!

There is word on the street that the issue of cameras are a PF pay back to Lamasat! Whether that is true or false, it requires proper PR to clear such perceptions!

We hear there is another contention on the same re-registration.

We also wonder why RTSA cannot ensure that people pay for some of these cumbersome taxes or services via Mobile money like other service providers do!

People pay for water, electricity, Dstv, NAPSA and the ZRA bills and contributions from the comfort of their homes but its only ‘umusonko’ waba RTSA where you have to queue.

People have to line up! Then you have to tell us that a camera will save my life!

It seems the owners are no longer as keen to display them as they were before people knew about them! Why?

Simple logic is that RTSA is interested in motorists to commit an offence so that they pay by the noise.

These are things that make people wonder and arrive at wrong conclusions.

So after heft fines were collected from unsuspecting motorists cameras suddenly disappear! That is interesting!

The re-registration of motor vehicle looks like it’s now a crime to own a motor vehicle in Zambia.

This exercise has nothing to do with citizens, what change will this bring to the Zambian?

There are so many things being paid for to own a car like Road tax, fitness, insurance, tolls and now hidden cameras.

It is like RTSA is not a road safety regulatory body. It has rather focused more on punitive measures unlike sensitization.

When Slap Dee did a hit song, ‘RTSA’ the institution as blind as it was adopted the song which in simple terms was saying RTSA is a PUNISHER.

There is nothing constructive which has been done by RTSA.

It is either a night ban punishing Zambians who thrive on buying and selling from Tanzania and South Africa.

They deliberately build queues at RTSA to breed corruption so that their henchmen can have a living.

The top crop at RTSA hated former Transport and Communication Minister Kapembwa Simbo because he was sharp and severally refused to sign some punishing Statutory Instruments (Sis).

It will be wrong for Zambians to blame RTSA because RTSA officers act like school cadets with a lot of excitements but it needs the Lieutenant to stop the excitement.

That Lieutenant was Mr Simbo, the current Corporal doesn’t care of what is going on the cadet parade.

Alice Nachilembe


Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.

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