Editorial: Mistakes opposition leaders make in Zambia


At the moment the greatest mistake the opposition leaders are making is centering their campaigns on President Edgar Lungu.

They zoom on him and paint him black plularising his errors and minimizing theirs.

Repeatedly we have linked Lungu to that overlooked dude in the community who gets a perfect girl which everyone in the community has been eyeing.

In this case trying to poison this guy so that he is hated by the girl has less chances of the girl dumping him, more especially that the same girl had rejected your persistent love proposal in the past.

Your speaking ill of this dude called Lungu is making the girl (Zambia) think that you are exasperated after your failed attempt to win her love.

What Zambians are looking for is a leader that can give them hope of better tomorrow, better taxes, stable economy, proper health and education services plus a committed leader to spearhead an agriculture robust economy.

Listening to both UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his national Democratic Congress (NDC) counter party Chishimba Kambwili they centre their campaign messages Lungu either demeaning him or plularising his errors without any single message of hope to Zambians.

Every opposition leader must be read to know that Zambian Laws do not allow a woman to be polygamist, meaning Zambia cannot have two Presidents at one time.

This means, those wishing to win the heart of Zambians must charm the women with seasoning unlike bad-mouthing her current husband.