Editorial: Kambwili is derailing NDC

 Editorial: Kambwili is derailing NDC

The embattled PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has been hanging on to the seat using the court thread.

High Court has dismissed his matter forcing a bye-election but he is still adamant saying he wants justice to prevail. What justice?

Every club has rules and CK himself disobeyed those rules and he was ejected from the club for misconduct.

The interpretation he needs from courts is already well written on the wall. If one is disfellowshipped from the church for misconduct, does it make sense to go to court?

What CK has failed to do is to groom someone from his party the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to take up Roan.

Instead, he has taken too long and PF has well prepared someone to win the seat.

Kambwili needs not to further derail his followers who depend on him to thrive in their political careers.

He has the chance of winning some seats in 2021 if he becomes a focused leader but if he wants to continue wandering on the court yards, he should forget any ambition.

Michael Sata, whom Kambwili claim to be his mentor, did not become popular by taking the path the NDC consultant is now paddling.

Sata became popular for grooming many others to fight for him who later won many parliamentary seats making PF the most formidable force in parliament.

Kambwili shouldn’t forget too that many members, who joined NDC from other political parties, left their parties because their political leaders were not inspiring to aspire.

He needs to know that Roan will not bring the Presidency neither will the gratuity of him clinging to the seat. He needs to let go and start a new political fight.

Having two legs stepping in two different territories is not doing Kambwili any good.

What is NDC’s say in this issue anyway? Just when Kambwili’s case was dismissed, NDC’s Vice President Joseph Akafumba said his party will ensure that Kambwili gets justice in the case.

This stance NDC has taken over the matter is at best laughable and at worst uninspiring from a party that wants people to rally behind it.

It is same as a girlfriend of a married man, who goes to plead with the wife of the man she is involved with not to divorce the husband when in fact, if the married couple separates, the girlfriend would fully own the man. Is there any logic in all this?

Kambwili needs to forget about being PF.

His new life is in NDC and this is where he needs his energy the most than hovering around Courts over his continued stay in a party he clearly has no stake, and interest in.

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