Editorial: Kalaba a good example of rebel MP

 Editorial: Kalaba a good example of rebel MP

Even amid tension and accusation of all sorts, there is need to show moral obligation to the people.

The former Bahati Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba has been a unique leader and example of a politician who knows exactly what he wants.

It is obvious that Kalaba doesn’t use emotions. He resigned from his ministerial position as Minister of Foreign Affairs citing deviation from the manifesto and corruption in the ruling PF.

Since then he has been on the move assembling the party in every part of the country and giving confidence to the members that he is longer part of PF but the Democratic Party (DP).

Severally police have vexed to derail his campaigns but as diplomatic as he is, he has been inexorable thereby enticing more members to the party.

Yesterday’s move that he will not challenge his dismissal from PF spiked his following and members and would-be members have full reliance in Kalaba who has displayed that he has a belonging.

In politics when you rebel against your party whether you are an MP or any civic leader, you must be ready to stomach the consequences because every organisation has rules.

Kalaba is a sharp contrast of beleaguered PF Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili who has been giving Zambians political comedy.

He is now acting like a headless chicken such that even his own members don’t even know whether to take him seriously or as a clown.

When Mwenya Musenga had registered the National Democratic Party (NDC), saying he was John the Baptist and gesticulating that Kambwili will be the one to lead, all the PF structures fissured and liquefied countrywide.

On each tongue of PF member Kambwili and NDC were a topic and many came out of hibernation declaring interest join and contest on NDC ticket.

The party became attractive like a well-built virgin which everyone was eying to date. Most of active PF members started to privately mobilize structures for NDC.

In other towns smaller political parties like NAREP and FDD evaporated and condensed in NDC saying Kambwili was their political liberator.

Instead of riding on this popularity, self-proclaimed Junior Cobra took the court path stalling his ejection from PF after the party expelled him.

Roan had been like a personal to holder constituency for him and instead of preparing someone to take over from him under NDC, he has greedily continued to fall for both PF and NDC.

An assumption that NDC was a party made out of anger (party yacifukushi) it will not be incorrect and it appears the same anger has been driving him till now such that in every decision he makes, rage outdoes his right frame of rational.

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