Editorial: Is Gender Minister married?

 Editorial: Is Gender Minister married?

Gender Minister Elizabeth Phiri is quoted in the media advocating for Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Zambia be non-bailable.

One wonders if our Ministers really consult their technocrats before opening their mouths to the public or in this particular case the Minister was misquoted.

Each Ministry has a Permanent Secretary and other technocrats who deserve to be consulted for free on policy matters especially that deal with legal framework.

GBV is a compound term which encompasses beating, shouting, mistreating and simple touching.

This is an offence mainly committed by people in love who probably have misunderstandings due to cheating, dispute over money or come in conflict for several other issues which lovers do.

Police Victim Support unit has so far made strides in sensitizing women to be reporting GBV cases so that their safety is guaranteed and as a result of  this sensitization, GBV stats are spiking.

But the regressive approach of the Minister will dampen the trend thereby defeating what the cops have been battling to achieve.

We have reached this far with this struggle but which wife will agree to report her bread winner for a non bailable offence?

Does she know the implication of a non bailable offence? Is she aware that once a bread winner is simply accused of GBV will be remanded in custody thereby becoming a deserter at the place of work?

Is the Minister married to have an insight of what married couples goes through? In future let married women head that Ministry so that someone with a feel of marriage struggles can speak from an informed point of view.

This does not mean we are supporting GBV, we just want the Minister to boost the fight against GBV so that more women can be reporting perpetuators and not amputating the fight.

We must free Zambia from formulating policies that are full of emotions rather than sense.

At one time this country saw the Head of State amending a Constitution to target at a former Head of State.

Sadly the same Law visited him and he tasted the prescription of his own medicine.

We have heard several women accusing men of having raped them when in actual sense they had an agreement but the deal turns sour when it comes payment.

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