ECZ should direct its anger to YALI

 ECZ should direct its anger to YALI

Dear Editor,

I write to urge the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Chief Executive Officer Patrick Nshindano not to be economical with the truth when responding to issues raised by surrogates and stakeholders.

Electoral Commission of Zambia know that YALI’s President Andrew Nthewewe stood with it before the registration kick started supporting the commission all the way and attacking all those questioning the voter registration process.

Now that he has come out to call for the firing of some officers such as madam Wina at ECZ because of what he terms as erring in their execution of duties, ECZ should not popularize the warning but direct it to such institutions like YALI and its president.

YALI’s Andrew Nthewewe was quoted complaining that ECZ has allocated more voter registration kits to southern province without stating his statistics to the nation to know how he qualifies his complaint.

Now that you ECZ are saying you dispense the voter registration kits according to the density, don’t then go round the circle but direct your caution to YALI and not us.

Stop playing on people’s mind because there are so many issues that are genuinely raised by stakeholders that you don’t respond to.

Wisdom Muyunda




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