ECZ commercializing nomination fees-Rainbow Party

 ECZ commercializing nomination fees-Rainbow Party

The opposition Rainbow Party on the Copperbelt says the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) should not commercialize political leadership positions for people wishing to stand in the upcoming 2021 general elections.

Rainbow Party Provincial Chairperson Fewdays Nsensema said the ECZ should not become a money making entity as it is already funded by government using tax payers’ money

Speaking in an interview today, Mr Nsensema said the demand by ECZ to increase nomination fees makes sad reading as it puts a limitation on the governance of the country and people vying for leadership positions.

“The Rainbow Party is displeased with the high fees and will continue to be on the side of Zambians who feel that leadership should not be commercialized. ECZ should not become a money making organization because it is already a funded by government,” he said.

Mr Nsensema who was reacting to the downward revision of the fees by ECZ said the party is of the view that the nomination and grade 12 certificate fees should be scrapped off stating that leadership should not be a preserve of the rich and the educated alone but for all Zambians.

He notes that there is need to reduce seating allowances for Members of Parliament and ministers and gratuity to curb high corruption levels in the country as this will reduce the influx of those who wish to stand in the elections because of the unattractive numerations adding that this will attract people with a passion to govern the country.

“As a party we do not believe that leadership should be a preserve for the rich and educated alone. This simply means that leadership is now for sale to the highest bidders,” he said.

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