Economy of Chingola is dead-Nchanga MP

 Economy of Chingola is dead-Nchanga MP

Patriotic Front Nchanga Member of Parliament Chali Chilombo says economy of Chingola is dead.

However, Mr Chilombo says there is hope because Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) is still a viable mine.

Speaking during the PF Interactive Public Forum in Chingola, the parliamentarian said though things appear gloomy at the moment, the situation can improve is KCM can quickly put its house in.

“Chingola and Chililabombwe have a brighter future if the current situation doesn’t dip for too long.  KCM can still be viable and profitable provided there is money circulating into these two towns.

“There are a lot of areas where we can go and empower the locals like the old disused mine dumps and tailings. There is a lot of copper which is duped waiting to be further refined which can be given to the locals to run. If the locals can have money after the dumps are operational, then we can have money in circulation,” he said.

Mr Chilombo said the company is listed on the London stock exchange but what is seen does not reflect a London listed company.

He said the mine is supposed to put more money in development investments but there is no sense of agency from the mining firm because it desires to continue treating the dumps and importing concentrate from Congo.

The MP said after 54 years of Independence people have to go on strike before being paid.

Mr Chilombo said that people in Chingola are living in poverty when they live near the world class mine with world class grade copper.

He implored KCM needs to give confidence to the people that they mean business.

“If the scenario doesn’t change I don’t see the existence of Nchanga constituency and Chingola as district because for us to diversify from mining into agriculture, we need jerking by the mines,” he said.

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