Drug abuse among youths contributes to rise in ADIS

 Drug abuse among youths contributes to rise in ADIS

Changing the Mindset Organization Executive Director Comfort Mwansa says drug abuse among the youths in the country has contributed to the rise in HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections to high levels.

Mr Mwansa said drug abuse has been the reason to why many youths are indulging themselves into unsafe sex.

“ We are concerned about the high levels of drugs abuse in the country, this has led to many youths engage themselves in bad behavior therefore, Government should address this challenges seriously,” he said.

He said that unemployment among youths has become a key driving factor to many youths engaged in drug abuse.

Mr Mwansa said that if it remains unchecked it will erode the future generations of this country.

And Mr Mwansa has called upon Government to consider empowering the youths through the Ministry of small and medium enterprises in a bid to deal with drug abuse among youths.

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