Drivers call for construction of Mokambo road

 Drivers call for construction of Mokambo road

Some Bus Drivers operating along the Mufulira Mokambo Road have called on the new government to quickly look into the construction of the road before the on set of the rain.

Speaking in an interview, the bus drivers said their fears is that once rain season comes, they will be forced to pack their vehicles owing to the impassable state of the road.

One of the bus Operator, Lewis Mofya said that the time to work on the road is now so that work can be easy during the rain season.

“ It is our plea to the new Government under the able Leadership of Hakainde Hichilema to look into this issue seriously, so that something can be done about the road,” he said.

Another operator Mpundu Chushi said the new Government should quickly come to aid  and work on Mokambo road.

He said last year they suffered to feed their families because they had to pack their vehicles due to bad state of the road.

And some residents who opt to use motorbikes during the rain season as means of transport have also appealed to government to work on the road before the rain season starts.

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