Driver with caution as your ferry pupils to schools-ZRHSG

 Driver with caution as your ferry pupils to schools-ZRHSG

By Staff Writer
The Zambian Roads & Highway Safety Group (ZRHSG) has urged parents and school administrators to exercise maximum caution and care as they ferry pupils to their respective schools as term two opens.

ZRRHSG Group Admin Mthoniswa Banda said the group is shocked that most of the Zambian highways are not fit and safe for long distance travel.

He said the roads are riddled with potholes, uneven surfaces and have poor or no road markings.

Mr Banda said this makes the roads a challenge to drive on especially when there is a heavy built up of traffic due to schools re-opening.

He has called on parents driving their children to school to ensure a more competent and skilled driver and the vehicles being used are well maintained and fit.

Mr Banda said the Group is also urging school administrations to ensure their hired buses are road worthy and the drivers qualified to drive on Zambian highways.

“The Group further notes that there are no visible efforts by the Government through their agents the Road Development Agency (RDA) among others to mend the damaged roads or built new routes.

“The Great North Road from Chisamba to Ndola is nearly impassable while the Mumbwa-Kaoma and Kaoma to Mongu stretch on the Great West Road is challenging. Others like the Mazabuka – Choma stretch, Kapiri – Nakonde stretches require patience and a good vehicle to drive on,” he said.

He said the Group hopes the New Dawn Government will revise the way roads are built and maintained and review the day to day management of tolled busy roads.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.