Drinking spoils your life youths told

Kabundi Ward Councillor Brian Banda told youths that drinking beer enhance bar owners while it spoils their lives.

Mr Banda told the youths that those bar owners are getting rich at their expense while there are wasting away their future.

He said most of the youths are unemployed but manages to get drunk instead of doing something that will enhance their lives with the money.

Mr Banda was speaking to Light House of Hope youth Club when he met them to discuss the way forward for the club as it is in the process of registration.

He said youths are facing a lot of challenges and clubs are one way of lessening the issues youths are facing in communities.

The Councillor said that he is fighting that youths become constructive rather than giving them handouts which is not helping them.

Mr Banda has urged youths to bring in innovative ideas to cooperatives that will take the club forward and not to follow what everyone is doing.

He said youths should not be selective and look for white collar jobs because even other trades like carpentry can sustain someone.

Mr Banda has advised the youths to be principled and disciplined if they are to succeed with the Club.

He gave the club K1100 for logistics as their register

And Vice Secretary Mulenga Malama expressed gratitude on behalf of the group for the knowledge and the empowerment.

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