DRC good for democracy-YALI

 DRC good for democracy-YALI

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) says the provisional results from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) elections is good for democracy.

There has been announcement of the provisional results in DRC elections where opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi has been elected President.

YALI President Andrew Ntewewe said the election was closely contested, demonstrating the passion for democracy but the good news was that they were held in a relatively peaceful manner.

“This is good for democracy. DRC has never had any meaningful democratic elections since attaining independence. We therefore take this opportunity to congratulate the people of the DRC on this landmark election.

“We are hopeful that the election result will stand and that there will be a peaceful handover of power. The SADC also deserves special commendation for the exemplary manner in which it has handled this matter which could have degenerated into a serious crisis for the whole region,” he said.

He said YALI saluted Zambian President Edgar Lungu who is the Chair of the SADC organ on Politics, Defence and Security for the phenomenon and excellent international diplomacy.

“We are particularly gratified that Zambia has taken its rightful leadership role in the regional and international politics to promote democracy and human development in Africa. We look forward to Zambia taking the Chairmanship of the African Union in 2022.

“We take cognisant of the various meetings that President Lungu has held with various leaders in the region. It has been a marathon tour of various capitals in the region. Additionally, the President has been able to convene and meet various stakeholders including the outgoing president of the DRC, His Excellency, President Joseph Kabila, Opposition leaders in the DRC, the church leaders, civil society leaders and other various interest groups,” he said.

He said the unwavering commitment to promote democracy, freedom, peace,  stability and development on the continent of Africa, is what Zambia is renowned for as a beacon of peace for the whole continent.

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